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About Us

Elena and her family always had passion for cooking. Her career as a cook began when she volunteered as an organizer and chef for events at churches and community gatherings. Elena's popularity grew and she was receiving catering requests for weddings and for other types of events. Business grew to the point where Elena needed a professional kitchen. In 2017, Elena celebrated the opening of a new commercial kitchen, where with the help of her qualified team, she keeps providing delicious meals and exceptional service to Sacramento community.


Today, Elena's Kitchen is a full service Sacramento catering company specializing in weddings, corporate parties and social events.  No matter what the occasion, they are here to provide you with reliable service, quality experience, fresh and delicious food. 


Don't feel like cooking, but wish to serve your family or guests delicious meal? Our Deli store has freshly cooked hot and cold dishes that are ready to be picked up and served. Oh, and don't forget to oder our gourmet cake! Our cakes are the best in town!

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